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”Other men get their knowledge from books, I get mine from melancholizing.”
—Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholia

Krister Löfgren

Finished Paranoia Agent

1 min read

So, yeah, I finally finished Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent (Môsô dairinin, 2004) and I'm still confused whether it's made by a genius or just mediocre weirdness. But I'm leaning to the first. It's certainly complex -- and utterly strange. It's one of those series you finish watching but which also keeps your head occupied for a long time afterwards. In my case I just had to read up on it, read the IMDB forums and try to get a grip on the storyline and what the heck it's all about. It's got the surreal quality of a dream and I tend to like that. So... I guess I liked it?

Overthinking Anime: Kawaii Culture, Superflat, and the Bomb in Paranoia Agent